16 December 2006

To The People of Isaan

(Isaan, which literally means Northeast, is the least touristy and least developed of the four regions of thailand, with its own distinct culture, language and people. Formally, Isaan was part of Laos, when Laos was part of thailand.)

Thank you Isaan.

I came as a stranger, yet I've never felt more at home this trip. I came bearing nothing but my native language, english, and a bamboo stick I picked up off the street. You gave me so much more, love, hospitality, and immediately welcomed me into your homes, your schools, and your hearts.

I'll never forget my 3 weeks in Isaan, and the warmth of the people will always remain in my heart. I wish I could give you more! You have given me so much, and all I did was talk.

So I tell you once again, thank you for everything! Kop Khun Krap!

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